Forest, M. Gregory

M. Gregory Forest

Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor
Director, Carolina Center for Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics

Phillips Hall 316A

Representative Publications

A Blueprint for Robust Crosslinking of Mobile Species in Biogels Using Third-Party Molecular Anchors With Short-Lived Anchor-Matrix Bonds
J. Newby, J. Schiller, T. Wessler, M.G. Forest, S. Lai,
Nature Communications, 8, 833, 2017

The Flow-Phase Diagram of Doi-Hess theory for Sheared Nematic Polymers, II: Finite Shear Rates
R. Zhou, Q. Wang, M.G. Forest,
Rheologica Acta, 44, 80-93, 2004

Multiphase Averaging and the inverse Spectral Solution of the Korteweg-de Vries Equation
H. Flaschka, D.W. McLaughlin, M.G. Forest,
Communications in Pure and Applied Mathematics, 33, 6, 739-784, 1980


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Mucha and Hinton Gilliam Fellowship

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Richard Rimanyi Conference

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